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Spotter Rivitography UNITED STATES OF AMERICA rivitography
Avistado en Katonah (NY), United States of America
Fecha 2020-02-15 06:20

I first found this 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat parked in Commuter Lot #3 on 3/29/2019 (photos 2-6). I found it again parked in Commuter Lot #1 at the Katonah Metro-North Train Station on 1/9/2020 (photos 7-8). I then found it again parked in Commuter Lot #1 on 2/13/2020 (photos 1 and 9=10). Where do I even begin with this one? The license plate that belongs on r/ihavesex (and would be better fitted on a Challenger Demon)? The tasteless Calvin peeing on liberals sticker in the rear window? (fun fact, the original creator of the Calvin & Hobbs comic never licensed that sticker to be produced) The fact that the owner keeps adding more and more badges to the car as time goes on? I don't even know, man. License plate: SAXDEMON (NY)

Detalles del coche

Velocidad máxima 320 km/u
Aceleración 0-100 km/u 3.70 s
Potencia 707 pk
Par 881 Nm @ 1000 tpm
Peso 2014 kg

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    Spotter_2017  -  ara 07:15

    Cool picks

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  ara 09:58

    Insane car! Nice spot.

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  ara 11:04

    Those Hellcats are mental. Awesome find!

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    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  ara 13:24

    Beast ! Nice spot!

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    NETHERLANDS MercedesFreak  -  ara 13:10

    Awesome Hellcat!

  6. Éso no es ok

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