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Spotter Rivitography UNITED STATES OF AMERICA rivitography
Avistado en Greenwich (CT), United States of America
Fecha 2020-04-10 07:54

I found this 2019 Ferrari Portofino parked on Greenwich Avenue on 4/6/2019. I haven't seen it since. I don't and never will understand why people here insist on making their sports cars the most boring-looking cars possible. I get that colors cost more depending on what it is but when you buy a sports car, let alone a FERRARI, wouldn't you want to spend a little bit more money on making it unique? Make it yellow, red, blue, green, hell if you painted the car pink I would have more respect for you for stepping outside the "safe zone". Drives me nuts. License plate: JFR·2373 (NY)

Detalles del coche

Velocidad máxima 320 km/u
Aceleración 0-100 km/u 3.50 s
Potencia 600 pk
Par 760 Nm @ 3000 tpm
Peso 1664 kg

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    GERMANY LuxurySpottings  -  ara 09:08

    These non-specs have probably several factors. For once, some people falsely like dull colors on expensive vehicles. Others just want to get a Ferrari for their 60th birthday and take whatever the dealer has on stock for price X, maybe a presentation car that the dealer didn't want to spend too much money on.
    Then there's always this group of people who really want their Ferrari lease, but because the dealer has to resell the car etc. etc. it can't be in any interesting spec or interesting to behold.
    I understand that someone would buy a silver RS6 or M5, but it's so weird to see costly, shouty sportscars in these specs.
    I actually like silver Ferraris, however. But these rims are just killing it all.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Hill Country Automotive  -  ara 23:43

    I mean, it's not really a bad spec. Silver with a cream interior is quite tasteful if you ask me. And the wheels are fine because the other wheel choice isn't quite a looker either. That is Ferrari's fault, ever since they ditched Pininfarina, their wheel designs have gone downhill.

    But to me, a boring spec almost always involves having a black interior along with being black or white. This one at least has some options.

    Regardless, it is their car. They bought it because the liked it. Some people genuinely do not like/want really showy specs, even on exotic cars, because that just isn't what they like and I don't blame them.

    I get wanting to see flashy specs. I'd treat a Blu Corsa 488 Spider on gold wheels completely different to a white one with no options and I would for sure get more excited. But I do enjoy seeing all kinds of specs, unique or neutral. I have nothing against someone who wants a cool car in a subdued color. I'd prefer to see something flashier (or really more to my tastes) most of the time but I'm never mad about it...

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  ara 01:37

    Totally agree. It seems almost every Portofino I see has a gray tint color. A Ferrari should be red or even better yellow.

  4. Éso no es ok

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