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Spotter matthill
Avistado en Swansea, United Kingdom
Fecha 2014-05-03 23:15

Wilfried Bony's Insane looking CLR RS outside the Liberty today. This is the new Lumma Rangie, based on the new Sport, fitted with huge alloys and an insane amount of LEDs. This is certainly an imposing car. Combo with a ML63, C63 x 2, E63 and a GranTurismo Sport.

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    M.D. Photography  -  ara 20:09


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    GSpots  -  ara 21:10


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    Jeremy_AG  -  ara 13:40

    nice! i like the carbon bonnet

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    oscar_spot  -  ara 18:36

    este coche es la polla

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    ferrariboy  -  ara 18:18

    Ook combo met Aston Martin Rapide op foto 3

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    TFJJ  -  ara 21:19

    Is it wrong that I like this?

  7. Éso no es ok

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