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Spotter Rivitography rivitography
Avistado en Greenwich (CT), United States of America
Fecha 2019-05-20 09:12

Here is Spot #2550. I was going to wait to post this one, but then I decided it was too good to hoard. I found this 1969 Lotus T70 parked at L'Escale on 5/19/2019. It was here the day before as well but I couldn't make it due to my older brother's college graduation in Binghamton, New York (don't worry, spots from there to come soon). I was completely blown away by this thing and it caught lots of attention from people at the restaurant. It had been in the service area at the Miller Motorcars Ferrari division for quite a few months now and it looks like they finally completed service on it. There are just no words for a spot like this. This was originally a roadster however it was converted into a hardtop and then converted for street use. Check out the YouTube video below for a walkaround of this thing! License plate: 4·78032B (MT)

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      hardstyler  -  ara 11:35

      This spot is simply phenomenal. What a beauty!

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      OJ  -  ara 13:48

      Mad find

    3. Profile pic
      LucasH  -  ara 15:56

      This is insane, so much respect for anyone driving this on the road. Super rare, fantastic spot buddy. This deserves a front page article and SVDD!

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      thomcarspotter  -  ara 18:18

      What a fantastic find! Sadly even these classics don't get appreciated anymore here.. Such a shame. What a beast, awesome find and pics! Once in a lifetime spot!

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      HG  -  ara 21:00

      omg omg no words ,,,very great one

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      OPspotters  -  ara 03:19

      WOW! So fun, I can still hear you say....only boring cars to spot here in CT :) This is amazing, just voted for this one.

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      Niv Lac  -  ara 13:25

      WOW, this is absolutely incredible. You must feel so proud to have snapped these fantastic spots. The radiant sunlight expresses the cars natural beauty and iconic lines, well done. Keep it up

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      Rivitography  -  ara 19:29

      Thank you all for the comments @hardstyler @OJ @HG [@Niv Lac] @LucasH
      @thomcarspotter Yeah I was surprised to see that this barely cracked 300 views while a 488 Pista got over 500 and counting. Maybe because I uploaded it while everyone else was uploading their spots? Idk.
      @OPspotters Ok fine, I'll admit that there are some cool cars in Connecticut, just these kinds of cars are very rare to spot, even for here.

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      NCspotter  -  ara 00:54

      Holy moly what a find! Wouldn't be surprised to see this in the Spot of the Year voting.

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      MercedesFreak  -  ara 19:55

      Damn this is awesome !!!

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      JACK888 Turin Spotter  -  ara 14:18

      Always loved the T70...EPIC spot Jason!

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      PetrolPower  -  ara 21:00

      Awesome find!

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