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Spotter mtgt
Avistado en Martillac, France
Fecha 2022-05-19 17:32

My 1000th spot ! I heard from a friend that two P1s had been spotted around 7pm on the ring road. I knew that the owner had done the F1 tour 5 years ago so I decided with a friend to go to the hotel just in case. And bingo, the 2 P1s were there. What a presence on the road, it was crazy. We talked for two hours with the owner who is doing a 5 days roadtrip in Europe. It's just crazy. The Lanzante P1 GTR 18 is based on a P1. It's sort of a road legal P1 GTR. You can see they drove it with mosquito genocide on the car. I got to drive with them a little bit, it was crazy. So we did a quick mini shoot in the driveway of the hotel.... Just one of the best automotive memories. This one is number 2 out of 4. Instagram: @Gtrs_supercars

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    BELGIUM AstonV8  -  ara 17:41


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    GERMANY M.O.C.  -  ara 17:52

    Amazing spot! Congrats! 👍️

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    RvdS-Photography  -  ara 17:59

    congrats with the 1000, and insane combo

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    NETHERLANDS cars.axel  -  ara 18:01

    Congrats on 1000 spots! Insane spot😍

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    NETHERLANDS Rover-Spots  -  ara 18:06

    Wow, stunning find and combo! Congrats with the milestone!

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    lambo_favor  -  ara 18:07

    great spot ! what a dreamcar ! 🤩

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    NETHERLANDS @Het.Kanaal  -  ara 18:56


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    GERMANY Ferrari!?!  -  ara 19:06

    Wow, incredible spot👍️

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    HUNGARY PcArzenal  -  ara 20:47


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    NETHERLANDS europeancarshotsinsta  -  ara 08:51

    Just insane!

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    SYRIA C._.A._.R._.O  -  ara 09:08


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    NETHERLANDS Remus  -  ara 12:29

    Out of this world, perhaps spot of the year!

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    NETHERLANDS McSjoom  -  ara 13:47

    insane!! Congrats on this one

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    NETHERLANDS JeffreydeRuiter  -  ara 14:59

    F*cking in-sane! 🤯🤯
    Stunnig location and superb photos.

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    jari.automotive  -  ara 15:57

    Sick man!

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    NETHERLANDS  -  ara 18:17


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    NETHERLANDS Jurick  -  ara 19:46

    How epic can iit be! Very cool spot!

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    UNITED KINGDOM Miles A.  -  ara 18:45


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    Ferrari-Lamborghini Fan  -  ara 18:22

    Congrats whit your 1000 spot awesome combo !!!!!!!!

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    UNITED KINGDOM davileon  -  ara 09:44

    Congrats on the milestone what a way to get there!! 😮 Totally outrageous!! What a car!! 😍 😍

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    GERMANY caymangt4  -  ara 21:48

    truly crazy!

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    BELGIUM Freakkkk  -  ara 21:37

    Mooie plaatjes, leuke serie! Uniek exemplaar ja!

  23. Éso no es ok

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