Detalles del avistamiento

Spotter Maxlarenn
Avistado en Dartford, United Kingdom
Fecha 2020-02-08 21:01

When I saw this spec, I didnt like it but its grown on me.

Detalles del coche

Velocidad máxima 290 km/u
Aceleración 0-100 km/u 3.90 s
Potencia 510 pk
Par 700 Nm @ 1750 tpm
Peso 1800 kg

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  ara 21:15

    Cool spot and nice pictures! Matte grey is not for me. Imagine how good this would look in metallic dark blue for example!

  2. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 21:30

    Thanks! That would look pretty sick, ngl I sometimes just love a simple white, just looks prestine. @jasper1

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    FRANCE Enzo112  -  ara 22:19

    Your shots are amazing as always bro !! Cool find !

  4. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 22:22

    Thanks a lot, means a lot! @Enzo112

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    ITALY Lego and Supercar  -  ara 22:31

    Awesome work with that camera!

  6. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 22:36

    Thanks a lot! [@Lego and Supercar]

  7. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM Carlegends  -  ara 22:39

    Flipping hell nice shots

  8. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 22:49

    Thanks a lot! @Carlegends

  9. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  ara 23:10

    Dope spec!

  10. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 23:22

    Agreed! @hardstyler

  11. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS MercedesFreak  -  ara 23:35


  12. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 23:39

    Thanks! @MercedesFreak

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    NETHERLANDS Matthijs315  -  ara 20:02

    Great pictures

  14. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 20:46

    Thanks a lot! @Matthijs315

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    NETHERLANDS LucasH  -  ara 15:32

    This is not the 2018-version, simply the pre-facelift with the Panamerica grille. You can see this car has been spotted before, and all that has changed is the grille. The actual 2018 has significantly taller exhaust pipes. Cool find tho!

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    UNITED KINGDOM supercarACE  -  ara 17:52

    amazing pictures!

  17. Profile pic
    Maxlarenn  -  ara 20:02

    Thanks! @supercarACE

  18. Éso no es ok

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