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Spotter superfast ISRAEL arielz2405
Avistado en Tel Aviv, Israel
Fecha 2019-11-18 21:44

This beast is 9FF 997 F 97 A-Max 1400HP 403 KPH Top Speed 2.4 0-100 This beast started out as a 8XXish' 997 Turbo Techart that belonges to the father of Bar Baruch-Israeli's most known GT3 driver (He is on the wheel in the photos) Two years ago the car had been sent to 9FF for F 97-A max treatment but sadly was held at customs for over a year for supposedly 9FF's treatment that wasn't supposed to be a problem but actually happened to be one.The car was sent back and after another month or two abroad the car secretly (and finelly) made it to Israel and since then, the owner barely drives it but I managed to catch it driving in Tel aviv with a cayman GTS!! Fastest car in Israel,PERIOD!

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  ara 11:09

    Looks like only the sticker on the back changed since the last time this 997 has been spotted. Besides that this particular 997 doesn't look like the other 9ff 997 F 97 A-Max on the site. Not at all. Only modified exhaust tips and Techart wheels.

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    ISRAEL superfast  -  ara 12:44

    @hardstyler I know it doesn't look like it but 9FF themselves uploaded a pic of this particular car+ signed it so I have to look for pics
    If you want I can send you via FB a video of a launch control which looks and sounds Identical to the other f97 a Max they uploaded :)

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