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Spotter superfast arielz2405
Avistado en Jerusalem, Israel
Datum 2017-11-14 13:06

Hasn't been spotted for almost 3 years.I was completely in shock when i saw this beauty!!

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    JACK888 Turin Spotter  -  ara 19:18

    Amazing vintage Ferrari :)

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    superfast  -  ara 22:12

    @JACK888 Turin Spotter,One of my favorite Ferraris,I believe the car has less than 5000 miles on the clock.You can count on two hands the times it was spotted.Yeah it is not a La Ferrari or so but the story behind the car is so cool that I can't believe I was able to catch this beauty.My friend that shoots more than 10 years has just seen the car,yup 10 years.The car was originally brought here for testings,basically to check if the cars are reliable in the hot climate and if the market is interested in such cars.In the early 2000' they brought a 456 GT to check that,the car got Israeli Licence and nobody knew it was here untill the car flew back actually,the only record was a picture made by a magazine.Afterwards that 575 was brought and they came into conclusion that the market was not yet ready for Ferrari to settle in(they settled only in late 2011-6 years later).But instead of going back to where it came from the 575 stayed here,in a well secured parking lot and was kept as a secret,even today. :)

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    superfast  -  ara 22:42

    +The car is one of less than 100 chassis recorded fitted with full HGTC pack including roll cage,racing seats,racing harnesses etc...

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    Horse-Power  -  ara 01:41

    @superfast. Hi Ariel. as always great work behind the camera! Pic #4 is my favorite. Seeing, and hearing the classics on the road make spotting that much more exciting! A big congrats for receiving a well deserved SOTD.

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    superfast  -  ara 12:30

    @Horse-Power,Thank you west :),the experience of seeing and especially hearing that Italian V12 climbing up in revs is magnificent!

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